DEEP608 Conference - IoT: The 'S' Stands for Security

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DEEP608 Conference

Joe Hopper, a Principal Security Consultant at Fracture Labs, shares his expertise in IoT security at the 2024 DEEP608 Conference in Madison, Wisconsin on April 3, 2024.

Fracture Labs, a leading offensive cybersecurity firm based in Wisconsin, proudly serves some of the nation’s most respected organizations. Our dedication goes beyond simply hardening our clients’ systems; we’re deeply committed to empowering local communities across the Midwest. Through educational sessions like these, we offer valuable insights and foster connections among local professionals. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your network and knowledge. Join us and become part of a community moving forward together!

IoT: The ‘S’ Stands for Security

IoT breaches continue to make headlines, with manufacturers often blaming ‘sophisticated attacks’. This implies the victims were simply unlucky, but have you ever wondered exactly how these hacks occurred and what could have been done to prevent them? Whether your organization builds IoT devices or you’re just an end user, you should be aware of the risks associated with IoT devices on your network and what can be done to reduce your risk.

Joe Hopper, a professional hacker at Fracture Labs, unpacks how insecure IoT devices could affect you by walking through:

  1. Is your organization really at risk?
  2. What types of vulnerabilities have we discovered and exploited in IoT ecosystems?
  3. What are the real vs theoretical risks?
  4. How can you prevent and thwart IoT breaches?

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IoT Security Testing

We offer free threat modeling to help you zero in on the biggest risks your devices pose to you and your customers. Please reach out to us if you have any questions on how to secure your products, would like us to perform threat modeling on your systems, or are ready to take the next step by performing a penetration test against your IoT devices!

The team at Fracture Labs has hacked a myriad of systems, including defense vehicles, aircraft, municipal smart lighting, medical devices, and many others! Let their experience with embedded system security give you a head start on securing your devices from chip to cloud!

Penetration Testing

Fracure Labs secures companies throughout the Midwest (including Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison) as well as across the United States. We go beyond surface level penetrating testing to execute complex chained attacks against the nations most hardened systems! Contact us to learn how our offensive security experts can help secure your organization!

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