A penetration test will assess your defenses with an emulated real-world attack.

You keep hearing about companies being hacked and losing customer data, intellectual property, or being held ransom by malware but you're not sure if that could happen to you.

Maybe you feel like nobody would bother hacking you or your products. What would happen if you were to get hacked? What could you have done to prevent it? Our sophisticated pen testing services take a deep dive into your smart devices, network and other systems to expose security deficiencies and arm you with the information you need to proactively protect your important assets before a security breach.

Explore Penetration Testing Services

Smart Device Security Testing

A smart device security test is the ultimate way to discover risks within your IoT and embedded products. This comprehensive security test analyzes your product from the chip and firmware to radio communication, mobile applications, web applications and cloud environments. Each component is analyzed individually and together with its integration points to provide a thorough assessment of how your product could be hacked. We do this so you can better understand how your product could be reverse engineered to steal intellectual property, hacked to do things it wasn't intended to do, or leak your customer data. We've hacked everything from smart lights, security systems, cameras, home automation sensors and more! Read on to learn more or contact us to discuss how Device Security Testing can help you achieve your goals.

Network Penetration Testing

A penetration test is the best way to discover security risks within your organization or products. A penetration test builds off the results of a vulnerability assessment, but digs deeper. Whether you're looking for someone to mimic hackers attacking your organization or need a partner to help you securely deliver your products, our penetration tests will provide you with the data you need to make decisions about risk management, system configuration, environmental design and user policies. These can be focused externally to emulate hackers trying to break into your network or internally to expose the risk of a compromised server, an infected workstation or even a rogue user. Penetration tests provide you with additional enriched data about your risk posture to help you make better informed strategic decisions. Read on to learn more about how Network Penetration Testing can support your organization achieve your security goals, or contact us to discuss your project today.

Specialized Security Testing

Do you have a product or system that is far too unique or complex for most security companies to test? We've hacked it all − from aircraft, automotive systems, defense and rescue vehicles, forklifts, medical devices, and more! Our consultants excel at hacking extremely specialized, unique environments. Nothing is too hard for us!

When you need highly-specialized security testing to protect your systems, you can count on us. We think and act as a hacker would to expose your weaknesses and exploit them − so you can proactively work to mitigate them. Contact us to schedule a free threat modeling session to learn how you can proactively protect your systems.

Big Breaks Come From Small Fractures.

You might not know how at-risk your security posture is until somebody breaks in . . . and the consequences of a break in could be big. Don't let small fractures in your security protocols lead to a breach. We'll act like a hacker and confirm where you're most vulnerable. As your adversarial allies, we'll work with you to proactively protect your assets. Schedule a consultation with our Principal Security Consultant to discuss your project goals today.