Harden Your Defenses
With Intel From Penetration Testing.

A penetration test is a proven and reliable method for discovering potentially disastrous risks within your organization.

Our consultants use the same tools and techniques that hackers use to break into your company, steal your data and wreak havoc inside your network, except we do it in a safe and controlled manner while remaining in constant communication with you! We ensure complete transparency every step of the way. A penetration test assesses the vulnerability of your network to outside infiltration by simulating real-world threats. The network penetration test can mimic hackers trying to break into your network or expose an internal risk such as a workstation infected by phishing, malware, or even a user gone rogue! The results provide you with more concrete data about your organization's risk potential so you can make sound decisions regarding risk management, system configuration, environmental design and user policies.

Ready To Shore Up Your Security Posture?

You keep hearing about companies being hacked and losing customer data, intellectual property or being held ransom by malware. Could it happen to you? Maybe you feel like nobody would bother hacking you, but what if they do? Could you have done more to prevent the breach? It's one thing to ask your internal IT team if you are secure, but it's another to hire trained experts to help them prove it.

Network Penetration Testing Process

Our process begins with a threat modeling session to determine where the highest likelihood for attacks might be within your network. That will also help establish your unique project goals. Do you want to emulate external hackers, rogue employees or a malware outbreak? This will help us determine if you need an external, internal, physical or hybrid penetration test. Then, we begin to attack the system in a few well-defined stages:

  • Recon


    The first step, and perhaps the most important one, is Recon. We perform reconnaissance — much like a burglar casing a house — looking for anything that will help us establish a foothold into your system. We dig through publicly available information about your organization, network information, DNS records, web archives, certificate transparency logs, brute-force files and directories, and more, to form a plan of attack. We run these findings through an extensive suite of customized scripts to help us identify which network services you're running.

  • Threat Modeling

    Threat Modeling

    Now that we have additional information from our recon phase, we'll launch another round of threat modeling to adjust our plan of attack. It's not unusual to discover forgotten and abandoned systems that could still be fair-game for hackers. For example, we've encountered VPN servers in long-lost data centers still connected to an internal network, but missing critical security controls and patches! We incorporate all this obsolescence into the threat model to ensure a comprehensive attack plan.

  • Vulnerability Discovery

    Vulnerability Discovery

    This is where the testing gets intense. We combine the intelligence gathered during the recon phase with the attack plan devised from threat modeling and begin to attack the system using the same techniques as hackers would. We analyze every service on your network, looking for areas of potential weakness and update our attack plan accordingly.

  • Exploitation


    Once weaknesses in your network are discovered, we use custom-developed and off-the-shelf exploit code to pivot deeper. This often provides access to areas never intended for public use, which leads to the discovery of additional vulnerabilities.

  • Why We Are The Experts

    Why We Are The Experts

    Our well-organized and proven methodology leaves no stone unturned and delivers the results that you need. Our consultants add creativity to their expertise when it comes to staging and chaining attacks to get into your system. Many of our consultants have experience building and managing IT systems at Fortune 500 organizations, so we know where to find the weakest links!

    A penetration test from Fracture Labs includes
    • A thorough reconnaissance of your organizational IT assets
    • A vulnerability assessment against key systems and validation of the vulnerabilities we discover
    • Exploitation attempts against potential weaknesses to demonstrate the risk each poses to your organization
    • A detailed report highlighting vulnerabilities and exploitation proof-of-concept attacks, along with remediation and prioritization recommendations so you can target fixes more efficiently, before they are exploited
  • Successful Hacks

    Successful Hacks

    The following are some examples of how Fracture Labs' network penetration tests have detected serious threats.

    Each client had a false sense of security that their systems were protected. Luckily we're the good guys, hired to serve as their adversarial allies to expose their weaknesses before an attack could compromise their sensitive organization and customer data.

    We gained complete administrative control over an organization by exploiting weaknesses in internal network and workstation configurations.

    We gained access to sensitive file shares and corporate data by exploiting unsecured paths into an organization.

    We gained access to protected internal systems by hijacking corporate user accounts.

    We've compromised key corporate systems and PCI-regulated zones to exfiltrate sensitive payment data by developing custom exploit code.

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Big Breaks Come From Small Fractures.

You might not know how at-risk your security posture is until somebody breaks in . . . and the consequences of a break in could be big. Don't let small fractures in your security protocols lead to a breach. We'll act like a hacker and confirm where you're most vulnerable. As your adversarial allies, we'll work with you to proactively protect your assets. Schedule a consultation with our Principal Security Consultant to discuss your project goals today.