Your Risks
With A Vulnerability Assessment. React Accordingly.

A vulnerability assessment sweeps your network and looks for missing patches or common misconfigurations that could result in a security breach.

Automated scripts containing tens of thousands of known vulnerabilities can be used by hackers to find ways into your organization. We have access to the same tools that hackers use and can find the weaknesses in your network. Our tools detect service versions with documented errors, common misconfigurations, and exposed services so you can get to work repairing them.

We get it, you have mission critical systems that you're afraid to patch for fear of operational downtime. Maybe you already know about some of the weaknesses, but don't have the resources to patch everything or can't get management buy-in. Consider this: the vulnerability that brought down Equifax in July of 2017 was disclosed publicly that March, yet had not been patched, resulting in the exposure of the personal information − including SSNs − for 147 million people, costing Equifax $700 million.

  • What To Expect During A Network Vulnerability Assessment

    What To Expect During A Network Vulnerability Assessment

    We begin by performing reconnaissance on your organization's network to determine the project scope. We dig deep, often finding systems you thought had long since been decommissioned or had been isolated from untrusted networks. Besides traditional network scanning of your IP addresses, we spider through DNS records, certificate transparency logs and web archives, looking for related servers and services.

    We then custom configure our vulnerability discovery system to target your technology stacks and turn it loose to run hundreds of thousands of checks in a safe and controlled manner against your network. We even have small, yet powerful, attack “dropboxes” that we can install in your datacenter or on your workstation networks to scan internal systems.

    This creates a — sometimes massive! — list of potential vulnerabilities, and this is where most companies stop. Vulnerability discovery scanning will often highlight areas of weakness that have already been patched or are protected by other controls. These false positives can drive your developers, engineers, and system admins crazy!

    If you had the resources to hunt down every finding from the list, you would have already patched every system and service. We don't just hand your teams a raw list of potential weaknesses, we actually inspect each finding to determine its validity. We take what we know about your organization and the verified findings to develop a custom mitigation plan so you can maximize your resources to address the issues most likely to affect your security posture.

    Our vulnerability assessment includes:
    • Deep server and service reconnaissance to help establish potential project scope
    • Custom-configured automated vulnerability discovery scanning to reveal potentially misconfigured or unpatched servers and services
    • Validity checks of potential weaknesses to assess the risk each poses to your organization
    • A detailed report highlighting vulnerabilities, affected hosts/services, and prioritization guidance so that you can use your resources efficiently to fix the issues before a breach occurs

    Proof-Of-Concept Attacks

    Do you already have a vulnerability assessment report but can't get traction to plug the holes? We can develop proof-of-concept attacks to grab convince decision-makers so the issues get the attention you know they deserve!

  • Success Stories

    Success Stories

    Learn how we've helped our valued clients improve their security posture and mitigate risk through network vulnerability testing.

    Through our rigorous recon process, we discovered a forgotten VPN server that was missing several critical patches and provided a path into the organization.

    We discovered a publicly-exposed Redis server that was missing a critical patch and had indicators of compromise that the organization was unaware of.

    We Are the Experts

    Our team of consultants have not only exploited these vulnerabilities, but we also have real-world experience building and maintaining secure environments in Fortune 500 companies. We know the challenges with trying to attain timely 100% patching goals and we know how to guide you towards fixing your weaknesses in the most realistic manner. Contact us to discuss your information security goals today.

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Big Breaks Come From Small Fractures.

You might not know how at-risk your security posture is until somebody breaks in . . . and the consequences of a break in could be big. Don't let small fractures in your security protocols lead to a breach. We'll act like a hacker and confirm where you're most vulnerable. As your adversarial allies, we'll work with you to proactively protect your assets. Schedule a consultation with our Principal Security Consultant to discuss your project goals today.