Is Your Security Posture Fractured?

To protect you from a security breach, your system controls need to win 100% of the time. The bad guys only need to win once. Some breaches may cause harm to your customer data, some may cause harm to your reputation, and some . . . may threaten the life of your business itself. With such dire consequences from inaction at stake, can you afford to ignore fractures in your security posture?

How we Measure Success

The bad guys want to break into your computer information systems, exposing your most valuable assets to unknown destruction. It's one of the greatest threats to your reputation, your customers, and your business. Our offensive security experts break into your systems — before the bad guys do — ensuring you reduce the overall risk for a security breach. We measure our success by how much your security posture improves from start-to-finish.

Sure, we love breaking apart your system like a malicious threat actor would, but our goal is to help you to continuously improve. While in the world of tech it's hard to make anything truly hack-proof, we will never give up. And with every attempt and every successful break-in, our offsec experts will guide your teams toward more sound, more secure, and more unbreakable systems, until those bad guys aren't really a threat at all.


What We Do

Our offensive security pros help you proactively protect your valuable assets. We serve as your adversarial allies, identifying the damage a breach would create and get to work, exposing and exploiting your security flaws. Our team is backed by years of experience in engineering and systems security for some of the nation's most prestigious companies.

We've seen (and broken into) it all. Airplanes, automotive systems, IoT devices, mobile apps and more . . . we have an unbroken success rate of finding significant vulnerabilities in our clients' systems to reveal previously unknown threats. We credit our perfect record to our uncanny ability to think like the bad guys do, while relentlessly pursuing the good. Armed with the critical information they need, your team can get to work securing your systems and protecting your assets.

Learn more about how we can help you achieve your security goals below.

We're looking for a new security partner.

Your Trusted Security Partners

The cornerstone of our business is helping organizations achieve their security goals as a trusted partner. We may be hired to attack your systems and exploit your vulnerabilities, but we'll never make you look bad like many other security testers do. Your partnership means everything to us, and we measure our success based on the continuous improvement of your security posture. If you're looking for a new offensive security partner, we'd love to throw our hat in the ring.

Contact us to discuss your project and schedule a free threat modeling session to identify the threats to your most valuable organizational assets and data.

We are releasing a new product and want to make sure it can't be hacked.

Protect Your Smart Devices From a Malicious Attack

IoT devices are everywhere, adding more efficiency to our lives and businesses. As a creator of smart devices, you're solving real problems for your users and we admire your work! If you want to ensure the problem your smart device is solving isn't creating security risks for your product users, we can help.

Whether you're developing smart devices from the ground up or retrofitting 'dumb' devices to include additional features, our team of IoT security experts can support you in finding the vulnerabilities that could lead to an attack. Contact us to schedule a free threat modeling session to identify where the highest likelihood for attack lies in your product. Then learn how you can proactively protect it.

We need to complete a quarterly/yearly audit.

Get Customized Security Audits and Assessments Tailored To Your Needs

If you have regulatory or contractual requirements to audit systems, we're here for you. Our security audits leverage common frameworks, such as CIS, to give you a repeatable, standardized view into the security posture of your systems. We offer customized security audits and assessments to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Cloud Configuration Audit
  • Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Desktop/Server Gold Image Audit

We'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your regulatory requirements and security goals.

We have a complex system we need to ensure is protected and secure.

Highly-Specialized Security Testing For Complex Systems

Complex systems typically run mission-critical processes. Protecting data is only one aspect of the security plan — sometimes human safety is the highest priority. As technology makes products better, it opens up a new world of very real threats.

When you need highly-specialized security testing to protect your systems, you can count on us. We think and act as a hacker would to expose your weaknesses and exploit them — so you can proactively work to mitigate them. We've hacked into telematic systems onboard aircraft, vehicles and forklifts. We've breached medical imaging systems, infusion pumps and more. And if we can get in, a malicious hacker can. Contact us to schedule a free threat modeling session to learn how you can proactively protect your systems — no matter how complex they are.

We're aware of some weaknesses but can't effectively explain the risk to management.

Explain and Prove A Potential Risk With A Focused Security Test

If you've found a weakness in your system causing a threat to your overall security but are having a hard time proving the risk to management, we can help. Maybe you're missing a patch, or maybe you found something during an internal vulnerability assessment. Our offensive security team can complete a focused proof-of-concept attack to demonstrate the perceived threat. Even if there are no publicly available exploits it doesn't mean the issue should be ignored. A tenacious threat actor will simply write an exploit to break-in to your system.

Contact us to discuss your project. A narrow-focused penetration test can help you explain and prove the potential risk, so you can get the approval you need from management to remediate it.

Process & Methodology

Many security testers lose track of the end goal and become consumed by trying to tackle one specific vulnerability. Our proven, established process ensures that we stay focused on the right things and cover all of the areas we say we will.

We've built dynamic, robust playbooks for many different technologies. Our playbooks include security testing tools and techniques that ensure reliable, consistent outcomes to the most challenging security problems. Learn how our offensive security experts can guide you towards more secure, unbreakable systems.

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    After a thorough threat modeling process, we go on a reconnaissance mission to learn the ins and outs of your systems. We take a disciplined, methodical look around to make sure we know everything we need to before diving in.

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    We launch all the tricks a hacker would use to break into your systems. After we've exploited your security vulnerabilities, we'll prioritize our recommendations so you can wisely allocate resources and implement fixes.

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    We'll stay with you and coach your engineers to evaluate the most effective, potential fixes. Once the risks are mitigated, we'll retest and verify your fixes, giving you peace of mind that your systems are properly secured and protected.

Fracture Labs Blog

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Big Breaks Come From Small Fractures.

You might not know how at-risk your security posture is until somebody breaks in . . . and the consequences of a break in could be big. Don't let small fractures in your security protocols lead to a breach. We'll act like a hacker and confirm where you're most vulnerable. As your adversarial allies, we'll work with you to proactively protect your assets. Schedule a consultation with our Principal Security Consultant to discuss your project goals today.