Feeling Insecure?

68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.

To protect you from a security breach, your system architects and infosec defenders need to be right 100% of the time. The bad guys only need to be right once. Some breaches may cause harm to your customer data, some may cause harm to your reputation, and some . . . may threaten the life of your business itself. With such dire consequences of inaction, can you afford to ignore fractures in your security posture?

Our offensive security pros help you proactively protect your valuable assets. We serve as your adversarial allies, identifying the damage a breach would cause and get to work, exposing and exploiting your security flaws. We have an unbroken success rate of finding significant vulnerabilities in our clients' systems to reveal previously unknown threats. We credit our perfect record to our uncanny ability to think like the bad guys do, while relentlessly pursuing the good. Armed with the critical information they need, your team can get to work securing your systems and protecting your assets.

While in the world of tech it's hard to make anything truly hack proof, we will never stop trying. And with every attempt and every successful break in, we'll guide your teams toward more sound, more secure, and more unbreakable systems, until those bad guys aren't really a threat at all.

What We Do

At Fracture Labs, we believe security testing services should be customized to meet your specific needs. Each organization has a different risk tolerance and you need a partner who can tailor security testing to meet your project goals, budgets and timelines. Unlike what you might be used to from other security providers, we work with your team and stay on the job until you know exactly what needs to be done to plug the holes in your and reduce your risk. Below, are details about how we can customize your next security project.


Not sure if your product or system would benefit from security testing? We offer free threat modeling to help you assess what your risk might be. We believe an effective threat model is one that identifies the crown jewels that need protecting and illustrates how hackers might compromise them. A customized threat model will give you a clear picture of the risk posed by attacks against your system or product so you can make the best security decisions.


Do you have regulatory or contractual requirements to audit your cloud environments? Do you want to identify deficiencies in your network? Our security audits can give you a repeatable, standardized overview of your system’s security by exposing potential threats. Our security assessments and audits will sweep your network, mobile applications, or web applications to expose vulnerabilities so you can take action before hackers strike.


You keep hearing about companies being hacked and losing customer data, intellectual property, or being held ransom by malware. Are you worried it could happen to your company? Or, maybe you feel like nobody would bother hacking you or your products. What if it does happen to you? Could you have done more to prevent it? Why chance it?

A penetration test can detect serious threats to your organization or products. A penetration test builds off the discovery of weaknesses exposed in a vulnerability assessment [link], but digs deeper to hone in on the best solutions. Whether you’re looking for someone to simulate hackers attacking your organization or need a partner to help you securely deliver your products, our penetration tests will provide you with the data you need to make clearer strategic decisions. You will have the information you need to strengthen vulnerability management, system configuration, environmental design and user policies.


Are you ready to take the next step in understanding the fractures in your security posture? Schedule a meeting with one of our project consultants. We’ll discuss your project and walk you through how we can help you proactively protect your assets.