Specialized Technology
Security Services

It's time to make real improvements to your security posture!

We do things a little differently. Not only will Fracture Labs partner with you to gain a better understanding of where your security weaknesses are, we will also educate your organization on how to prevent security incidents and help you close the gaps after they are discovered. We won't just leave you wondering what to do with a report full of issues!

Specialized Security Assessments

Ripping apart unique and complex systems is our specialty! From airplanes, automotive systems, IoT devices, mobile apps, smart glasses, and more...Fracture Labs has reverse engineered and exploited devices of all types. Whether you're considering using another vendor's product or you're about to roll out a new device, let Fracture Labs help you secure your most complicated systems!

Penetration Testing

Sometimes the best way to improve your security posture is to try and break in. Fracture Labs will do whatever it takes to get access to your crown jewels, and then help you prioritize, design, and implement remediations. We don't just email you a report at the end of an engagement - our goal is help you actually improve your posture, and often times that means working with your developers and engineers to find ways to plug the holes that we reveal.

Red/Blue Teaming & Adversarial Simulation

What better way to tighten your security than to simulate an adversary side-by-side with your blue team? Fracture Labs can demonstrate the tactics used by real threat actors and help you signature the attacks, create indicators of compromise, and iteratively test/bypass/tweak your controls. Whether you're just starting to build out a blue team or are looking for better metrics, Fracture Labs can help you better communicate your risk posture using frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK.

Incident Response

It's inevitable, no matter how secure you think your organization is, the day will come when you experience a compromise of some sort. Fracture Labs can help you recover after an incident by reviewing forensic data to assess the extent of the damage, determine the root of the compromise, and help implement mitigating controls to stop the bleeding.

Security Engineering & Remediation

We don't just break things at Fracture Labs. We enjoy helping organizations tighten their security posture through the secure design and implementation of their security devices, system interconnectivity, and product roll-outs. Whether you're looking for guidance on a new system or looking to fix issues from a previous assessment, Fracture Labs can help you find reasonable and right-sized solutions to balance security against usability and budgetary constraints.

Awareness & Education

Often, the weakest link in an organization is it's users. People mean well, but let's face it - most users just want to get their job done and may not have security on their mind at all times. Fracture Labs can help fix that through user education, targeting internal phishing attacks, secure password management, and personalized developer training. Don't spend millions of dollars on expensive security devices and then neglect to teach your users how to securely operate within your environment!